Desk Intervention needed!

Say it Rah-shay By Dec 11, 2008 1 Comment

Or…A cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind*

Where did I put my pencil?

Do you really think I can find a book for you in this mess?

I am in need of an intervention! I really wish I could say that my work area is a mess because of my days off or because I was so busy providing young minds with the right book.
Alas, I realize that I am a hoarder, pack rat and junk queen. (Sanford and Son theme plays).

I am going to get started with my New Year’s Resolutions. My first one is to clean my desk of and have a clutter free work space.

Check in with me on January 9th to see if I keep it up.

*Cluttered with awesome ideas. lol


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  1. mrsrkfj says:

    And Jan 10th will show…
    00 that’s my eyes watching you

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