Cuddle with a CuddleUppet

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There is always some new thing on television and when The Bee and I saw an ad for CuddleUppets, we both dismissed them as something for “little kids”. When we were asked to review a CuddlePuppet we initially thought we would share the item with one of our younger relatives.

Once the heatwave broke in the Delaware Valley, we busted out our cute elephant CuddleUuppet to give it a try. The Bee immediately decided that this blanket/puppet was not a baby item and that her tween self was able to use it. Despite my daughter being about five feet tall, her blanket, which measures 38 inches by 28 inches, was big enough for her to wrap herslef up comfortably. The Bee used the puppet part of the blanket to play with our cat and she thought it was a neat way to keep her hands warm or to use ads a small pillow as she wrapped heself up on the couch with a book or while we watched some television.

The CuddleUppets come in six varieties and can be ordered online. The material is a very soft flannel type that can be thrown in the wash and didn’t need lots of ironing. I think this is a cute gift for any kid. Stuffed animals are great but let’s face it; they get dusty and can just be a mess. A CuddleUppet is a great alternative. It can used as a blanket and a toy and the animals are cute.

If you’d like more information about CuddleUppets, check out their website for secure ordering.

r’s note: In the spirit of disclosure, please note that I was given a free CuddleUppet to review. ALl opinions are mine (and my daughter’s)!


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