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In which I wax lustfully about wanting a new car.

I want a new car.

I don’t need one and golly knows my bank account and other life events dictate otherwise but as a child of the instant gratification era I want a new car and want it now. This is not an arbitrary decision made because it’s oh, say a sunny day.  However, the cost of a recent brake repair as well as some other maintenance repairs (in my next life I am coming back as a mechanic) have made me frantically desire a new car, the new car smell and all that comes with (except the note…hiyo!)

My first car was a Chevy Chevette, a small hatchback with over one hundred thousand miles that I loved until it finally died a year or so later. Next I upgraded to a Chevy Malibu, another car that I loved until my neglect (I called myself out!) caused it to literally stop on the side of the road. Currently I drive an abused Sentra.  It’s okay and I sure with some TLC it will last a bit longer, but compared to the brand new Chevy Cruze, it’s blah! (NO, Chevy didn’t pay me unless you include lunch, I really liked the car!)

Buffy and I were invited to Cruze PA in a Chevrolet, an event sponsored by Chevrolet to make bloggers aware of the new product line.  As our respective children were off with their dads and we headed out to Diver Chevrolet in Delaware.  Once we arrived we were able to meet some awesome female bloggers (among them (mommieswstyle, @pcjenn) as well as some PR types (Dawn and Whaewon) and the wonderful folk at Diver Chevrolet.

The staff at Diver Chevy were amazing.  Reps from Chevy were on hand to give more info about the product line.  Total girl, I don’t know from v-6 engines or some of the other technical specs but I liked the roominess of the vehicles, the friendly, no pressure approach and answered all questions that were presented to them about the product line.

We then were treated to a trip to Longwood Gardens to get a feel for the cars.  As a passenger in the Equinox, the ride chosen by my sis, I enjoyed playing with XM radio, the roominess of the car (although I can see me filling the car with books and papers and various items) and just how smoothly the ride felt.  I did experience some motion sickness but will chalk that up to always being the driver.

On the way back I drove the Cruze.
It has a USB port so that I can charge and use my iPod.  The display was large enough that I could read but not be distracted.  And while the car is small, I didn’t feel cramped or uncomfortable. The trunk was roomy enough for lots of yarn, books and Barbies and the seating was comfortable. 

Soon.  Soon.

I was just touring Chevy’s website.
I totally want one!

Coveting a car,

Total aside: Longwood Gardens was great.  I had never been but know where I want to go for the holidays! 

Disclosure: Chevy provided transportation for the road trip, meals and free tickets to Longwood Gardens.


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