Confessions of a Blogger: I’m No Good

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Hello Lovely People!

I am joining up with RX Fitness Lady for a Blog Party! This is a seven day blog challenge with some prompts to help get people writing.

Today’s challenge is a confession or a commercial. I really wish I had found this challenge earlier ’cause that commercial sounds pretty awesome. Oh well, another time.





Cue Amy Winehouse

“I cheated myself. Like I knew I would. I told ya, I was troubled. You know that I’m no good.

Seriously, my biggest confession as a blogger: I doubt myself, excel in self sabotage and it is just awful.

There. I said it.

I want to write and dazzle y’all with my words but the little doubts creep in and I allow myself to acknowledge that little voice that keeps telling me the lies that I know to be false but sound oh so true…You’re not good enough, so and so does it better, give it up. I want to believe the hype, sometimes I can hear the hype but then I feel like I am only playing at blogging and allow the nagging self doubts to creep in and take over.

On good days I bust through, I shake it off, I know that I am the baddest chick and I kick butt and take names.

I wish every day was like this.

Instead I find myself stepping away from the computer, not scribbling that idea, not pursuing that idea and then I’m stuck.

Today was one of those days. I straddled feeling confident and self conscious as I tried some new posts. I went to my happy place, I played with some ideas and just decided to get out of my head for a while. Reading other sites and blogs I almost felt like I should quit but I didn’t. My posts may not be like every one else’s but they are my words and they don’t have to be perfect. Just be and that’s cool.

Instead of listening to and agreeing with Amy I can say that I know I’m no good but I can also agree that my troubles will allow me to get better.

I hope.

What’s your blogging confession?




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