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In which I ramble about weight and fitness and just ramble.

Just got the results of the fitness challenge that I’m in.
You know what I’ve been doing fitness wise?
I did lose two pounds but…yeah.
I’m stressing a bit this week and, well without going into the details let’s just say that I will wither be having Michelle Obama arms or be pulling a muscle from lifting too much weight.

My schedule is kicking my butt and instead of me adjusting I was all like where is the ice cream!
Or pudding (I had a coupon from a conference and indulged and dang was that good!)
Anywho, last week I gained two pounds. I’ve lost those two and while happy I know that it’s only a matter of time before they creep back and well. I’m tired.

This week I started taking a walk during lunch. It was an accident at first; I needed to get away from work and just stomped out and found that it was quite beautiful and nice to get fresh air. When I waled again, admittedly I walked to get coffee but every little bit helps, no?

No real updates, just checking in.

I will be reviewing a hooping DVD later this week.

Until then, what are you all doing?
Check in and let me know.


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  1. Sarah says:

    You can do it! So glad you are in this with me! I am finding that adding in some weights and strength training with my arms is making a difference since it is using muscles I don’t normally. Of course living on shakes is making a difference too, to be completely honest.

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