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Socktober: The Art of Knitting Socks

There are three things I feel that I need to accomplish before I am a real knitter: Being able to correct my mistakes Casting on and completing a sweater Making socks So far I have only accomplished a bit of number one. I can “read” my work and see where I make mistakes and I am getting comfortable fixing dropped…

One of a Kind Treasures from Kahiniwalla

Each year I tell myself that I want to present a homemade holiday to my family and friends, sharing and exchanging gifts that are either made by me or carefully selected from a businesses with a message. This is the year that I am actually going to do it! 

Five Knitting Patterns I’m Digging This Fall

I NEVER thought I would be that person sneaking bags of yarn into the house yet here I am. I am not blaming my local yarn store but since I have been taking a class there, I find myself being pulled towards the siren song of the skeins of yarn hanging on the wall. They just look so lonely hanging…

August Crafting Wins: Knitting and Crocheting

Featured, yaRRns By Sep 06, 2017 3 Comments

The end of August was a good month to play with yarn. I was able to use the act of knitting as convalescing time when I wasn’t feeling well and it was fruitful end to the month. Some of my inspiration was from some new tools.  I won an Instagram contest and received the Lykke Driftwood Interchangeable Gift Set in…

Off the Needles: The Kami Hat

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The end of August was very good craft wise. I won a beautiful set of needles from an Instagram contest and I feel like this set of needles has fueled my craftspiration.     I used that feeling to bust through some WIPs (Works in progress) and started a few projects that are quick and easy to complete. The collage…