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My mother has downsized her home of 33 years and boy, does she have a lot of stuff. Like, a whole lot of stuff. For sure, living in one place for 33 years means there is gonna be a lot of stuff. I get it. Hell, I’ve only been in my house for six years and, three adults plus two…

It’s 2023 and that means…

…the Resolution/Goals post! Well…something like resolutions and goals.  Reading through some of my older posts, in addition to being blown away by what seems to be my lack of typing/spelling/grammar skills, I noticed there is always a post about resolutions and goals in January. And also, there is a post about decluttering.  My house is still cluttered.  Back to it….

Running into December

After so many months of “I have to run,” choosing when and where to run, running when I want feels pretty good. I have been sleeping in (win) and going out a little later for runs. I spoke with the renal team who encourages me to run but also encourages me to not try for PRs (Miss Ma’ams…what even?!). As…

November is Picture Book Month

Join me all month for my favorite picture books! November is Picture Book Month and I want to embark on a project to share my favorite picture books as well as reboot my love of books and libraries.  Today’s book: The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone Why I like this book It stars lovable, furry,…

Medal Monday: The Gritty 5K

It took two years but I finally got to run the Gritty 5k in person and, like Grityy, it was a wonderful, wonderful very Philly experience!

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