Care of Magical Creatures With @PhillySpells

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There was wizardry and wonder in the air this past weekend when Chestnut Hill was transformed for the Harry Potter Festival!

For two days the neighborhood was into the much-loved fictional world created by author J.K. Rowling and I was able to help out with my friends from Spells Writing Lab!

Care of Magical Creatures With @PhillySpells

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The Spells Writing Lab offered a “Care of Magical Creatures” class in which participants needed to predict what would possibly hatch from the “eggs” found by Hagrid.

Care of Magical Creatures With @PhillySpells

Program Director, Elizabeth Encarcion, as always, did a fantastic job setting the scene and making creative writing come alive.

Care of Magical Creatures With @PhillySpells

There were specimen jars for the wizards to examine:

Care of Magical Creatures With @PhillySpells


These eggs. Some may see fruit; Philly Spells needed to mask the eggs from well meaning Muggles who would have alerted the authorities had they known a magical, and possibly dangerous (you know Hagrid) creature may hatch from one of these!



Care of Magical Creatures With @PhillySpells

There was a huge turnout out! Almost 150 students attended class and completed the writing exercise!

Care of Magical Creatures With @PhillySpells

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Visit Spells online to volunteer or to check out classes for your young writers.


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