C is for…

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…cake. No cookies. No cake. Let me get back to you.

r’s note: This is a post inspired by The Bee.

This morning as we rushed about getting ready for work and school The Bee grabbed a pack of Girl Scout cookies from the freezer and thrust them into her bag.
Me: Uh, what?
The Bee: I’m gonna share!
Me: [mmuurgbkk] I hadn’t had another favorite c word yet…coffee.

Anywho The Bee and I have been searching for a perfect cake or cookie recipes. With her allergies and my wanting to be all crafty and stuff we have scoured a few books to find something that works for us. Depending on the day cakes may rule over cookies but thanks, once again, to Net Galley, we were able to drool over two inspirational books.

Zombie Cupcakes, From the Grave to the Table with 16 Cupcake Corpses by Zilly Rosen are awe and eww inspiring cupcakes! The cupcakes look amazing and seem possible. Due to my squeamish child we have not attempted any but were loving the book, the look and the fun things that accompany the recipes.

We also drooled over The Gourmet Cookie Book , The Single Best Recipe From Each Year 1941-2009
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt shares cookie recipes that are a delight to look at. The photography makes me want to run home and back and while the recipes stray from my repertoire of sugar or chocolate chip, they seem possible.

This weekend The Bee has asked to have a bake night. Since we are so fortunate to have access to these yummy recipes I think the question won’t be cake or cookies BUT candy coating or iced.



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