Book Review: Shh! We Have a Plan

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Yesterday for storytime with one of my more… rambunctious groups, I shared “Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton and it was a hit! Forty preschoolers quietly sat and listened as we read through this book about four friends going on a bird hunt. They giggled and anxiously waited to see how each zany plan would play out for the hunters until the end when the birds turn the tables on the hunters and their plans must be changed.

The simple text and the repeating words make for a great read aloud. The readers can get in on the action of assisting the hunters tracking the bird and really cannot say enough about how this book is delightful for quieting and calming. Shh! We Have a Plan has clean illustrations which help extend the story.


This book can be shared with non-readers and new readers and it would be fun to have your reader make up his or her own text when sharing the book. For more information about the book visit Chris’s website. He shares a lovely anecdote about the concept of the book and the evolution of the book from his initial thoughts to the final product.    


I think this book would be perfect for an outdoor storytime. Bird watching at our local park. It can be paired with Feathers for Lunch  and Inch by Inch.

Instead of going on a bear hunt, we could chant that we are going on a BIRD hunt (Ha!)

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We did a Storytube for work!
This is a fun one to read with an audience, it was a good one to transition the kids and quiet them down.


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