Book Review: Hank Finds An Egg

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In Rebecca Dudley’s wordless book, Hank Finds an Egg, a little bear called Hank finds an egg and does everything he can to get the egg back to the nest it belongs in. The book has multiple photographs which shows Hank’s determination to protect the egg he has found, all told without words! A book without words usually intimidates me however this book made me reconsider my feelings and I enjoyed creating a story to go along with the beautiful photographs.


Rebecca Dudley uses photographs of items she has made herself to create this vivid world of Storywoods Forest. The charming world is created diorama style and her fantastic photographs provide readers with visual pleasure to enjoy a book without words. Even those reluctant to choose wordless books will be enchanted with this story. 


This book is really just a sweet book to share with your favorite young reader or to enjoy for yourself. Readers will be encouraged to demonstrate acts of kindness, problem solve and cooperate with their peers. Just browsing through this book calmed me and made me feel lighter and happier.


To learn more about Rebecca Dudley, visit her online. To get your own copy of Hank Finds An Egg click on the picture below.



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