Book Review: Get Skinny: The Six-Week Body Challenge

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I did.
I will.
I think I can.
I might.
I think I might.
What is it?
I wish I could.
I don’t know how.

Where are you on the ladder of achievement?

Getting back into a fitness routine has proved a challenge. Right now I am living somewhere between “I might” and “I think I can”. Its not even a matter of physically getting back to the gym but having a plan once I get there. I was working out with a trainer, Bodies by Angel, and she was great. Logistics happened and we had trouble connecting so that has been put on pause for now. I have been good about working out at home gym but once I leave the house and hit the gym I feel like I have no plan.

I turned to Pinterest because Pinterest. Seriously, I thought one of the pins would inspire me but after working out with Angel the routines  found just seemed blah. I tried to resume the workout I used to do but nine years is a long time and my body was not having it. So what then?

I found Scott Schmaltz’s “Get Skinny! The 6-Week Body Challenge on my bookshelf and decided to give it another try. I don’t have any delusions that I will get skinny in six weeks but I would like to see some reshaping of my body.

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Food wise I still struggle but thought I would pair Scott’s workouts with Happy Hormones, Slim Belly. Scott does offer diet plans but I liked Jorge’s plans and recipes.

Scott’s book breaks the program down into six weeks and offers a cardio plan, circuit training program and a stretching guide. In addition to workout plans, Scott offers testimonials from his clients, tips and tricks to keep you reading and motivated throughout the weeks and a routine that can be completed at home or at the gym.

I feel totally capable of following this plan and sticking it to it. Realistically I know I will not be “skinny” which is not really my goal. I just want a plan.

If you would like a copy of Get Skinny: The Six-Week Body Challenge please click here using my affiliate link.

Good luck and see you at the gym! I am working towards “I did” and hope to help you get there too.



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  1. I lost a substantial amount of weight and have managed to keep it off. Now that it’s off, I eat what I want, but I balance it out by working out a lot.

  2. Alison L. Hayes says:

    I definitely need to stop making excuses and get back to the gym! Thanks Rachee!

  3. This looks like a great book! I’ve lost weight this year eating gluten-free/low-carb and working out five times a week. I feel so much better and have much more energy.

  4. Jessica Perez says:

    I definitely need a change in my current healthy living plan. I keep putting it off and saying I will begin tomorrow because of this and that. This book sounds motivating and seems like it would give me a kick in the butt!

  5. Looks like a great book. We’re moving toward healthier habits in our house.

  6. Rachael says:

    This sounds like a great book to help you get back on track. You can always contact me for support, too.

  7. Melissa says:

    i might have to check this out! That is a great price for the book and I need to get into shape!

  8. Tiffany Cruz says:

    I really want to do a small workout daily. Maybe take up running again.

  9. Liz Mays says:

    It sounds like you keep hitting on things that work from you just from trying lots of options. That's great; good luck!

  10. Shell says:

    Sounds like a good resource! I’ve been getting better at adding in exercise. I need to continue to improve with my diet, though.

  11. Karen says:

    This looks like a great book. I just started running again so I could always use some motiviation.

  12. Tracey says:

    What a great resource! I am currently trying to get in shape for my wedding!

  13. brett says:

    this looks like a great resource. i’m wanting to lose weight to get healthier

  14. Aimee Ramos Fauci says:

    I will add this to my poss book list once I get motivated in my mind to stick w a plan. I hate trying but not being mentally ready and then crashing so quickly.

  15. Krissy Ann says:

    I always love to read books like these to see if they offer up any new suggestions or ideas I might not be using already – and it's always good to 'switch it up' so you or your body doesn't get bored. I may have to look into this – for $3 how could I pass it up?!

  16. Lindsey Goodson Paris says:

    I wish I could be skinny just by reading the book! We're starting to cross train a little more.

  17. Jenni E. says:

    Getting started is always the hardest part. Staying motivated is also hard so it’s great to have books and inspirational messages to fall back on!

  18. Krystal says:

    Okay, I need to try this! 😉 Starting out is the worst part… continuing on your journey after seeing results is the best!

  19. Chelsea says:

    I wish you luck on the six week challenge! I definitely think pushing yourself to actually start is the hardest part with exercise- for me anyways. Once I’m in the swing of things, it’s not so bad!

  20. Kim says:

    Good for you for working on yourself! Good Luck!

  21. I agree. Starting in the hardest part. I hope you have wonderful success!!

  22. Stefani says:

    Getting into a fitness routine is always a challenge for me. Good luck!

  23. Toni says:

    This looks like a great workout. I just started a gym so I am hoping to get in shape for beach season.

  24. Chrysa says:

    I have gotten back to being more active and working out at the Y the last few weeks. This week I was hit with a bad cold and has derailed my exercise routine. Boooo!!!!

  25. Jaime says:

    I once lost weight with Weight Watchers, and I’m trying them again. I’m really interested in this book (and the price is a steal!)

  26. Lisa says:

    I’m currently at the “I think I might” stage. Sturggling to balance everything with twins as it is, I just need to get motivated and fit taking care of me into the rotation.

  27. April says:

    Once you really get going with a healthy living plan, it becomes part of normal life. Good luck as you continue to make healthy changes!

  28. Felicia says:

    I could definitely use this. I have been trying to loose about 5 pounds.

  29. Kecia says:

    I actually own this book! I read various sections of it back when it first arrived and then tucked it away. Since I am working on losing weight right now, I’m glad to see this post – as a reminder to read the book all the way through!

  30. Janel says:

    I’m at I wish I could. Though, a few weeks ago it was for a different reason, lack of motivation.

  31. There are a lot of books I read about health and fitness. I am a health-conscious-type-of-a-person so I think the book you recommend is great. I might have to look at it and read reviews. It is great to find new advice, tips, and guides every once in a while. As you know, our body is very adaptive to routine and if you just do the same thing over and over again, then you might just get the same result.

  32. Zoe B says:

    I like the idea of a ladder of achievement 🙂 Personally, I only practice yoga to keep healthy – I find its the only exercise that works the mind and body as-well as rinsing out all of the organs of nasty toxins too…and it creates long lean muscles 🙂

  33. Ashley M says:

    This looks like a really interesting book. I feel like the first mantra is me on a daily basis.

  34. Christina S says:

    I need to get on the ball with it. That’s a great price for the book right now too.

  35. I need to start thinking more about exercise now that I have my healthy meal plans set. For $3 you can't beat the price of this book.

  36. Ugh I so need to read this book and lose about 40lbs. Blah.

  37. Rosey says:

    It’s nice that it sets realistic goals and measures. I think ti sounds great!

  38. I’ll have to check this out! it sounds great!!

  39. Eliz Frank says:

    Interesting title… If it works then that would be awesome. It’s hard to decide with all the stuff on the market.

  40. Love the idea of having a plan and that you’re being realistic. Thanks so much on your thoughts on this book.

  41. I actually have this book and it is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone.

  42. Lolo says:

    This sounds like the perfect book for me to help get me focused again on my health. Thanks for sharing.

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