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One of the parents donated a ton of scrapbooking paper to the library and I have been greedily holding on to it, waiting for some inspiration. I mean, I *could* use the paper to make patterned letters or numbers or, eep, origami but have decided that the paper should be used for this lovely craft from Larisha at We’re Parents!?

Larisha’s paper cones were used as favors for her baby shower but I LOVE the idea of creating a cone for holding treats for any occasion.

we're parents cones

Make a festive cone! Visit

To read the complete tutorial, please visit this link to her blog We’re Parents!?

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Larisha blogs with her husband Andrew at the site, “We’re Parents!?”


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  1. That is a fun way to up cycle scrap papers. It is neat when you can reuse things into other projects.

  2. Raya Buffy Fagg says:

    This was cute. I think I shall swipe for my Cubs.

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