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Today as I still finally finished NOTHING (yes, yes; I suck) I scoured the net hoping for some inspiration. Of course I found several cute patterns that just spoke to me, whispered sweetly in my ear that I should give them a go. Because I can’t hook and look at the same time some common sense prevailed but I thought I should share for some who may yield a hook quicker than myself.

Armina’s Ami-nals has some cute crocheted Christmas Decorations. Because I want my hobby to still be fun I won’t obsess and whine about how I should have started sooner but I will say the Christmas lights are so stinking cute and supposing I do them in pastels does anyone think I could get away with hanging them around Easter?

Another site with the cutest could be decorations. The Bee and Dill were so excited when I showed them these Goombas aka mushrooms from Super Mario Bros. They are dear! She also has patterns and pictures for other Mario Bros characters.

When crochet goes bad, really, really bad, it can be found here at what NOT to crochet! This site shows just why crocheters get a bad rep! Everything on the site is a hoot but I think the male speedo, aka banana hammock, gets the What the ham fat award of the day.

Oh Liz and Zontee! You have gotten me through many a long drive and shift as I listen to the two of you spins yarns (hiyo!) about what’s on your hooks and needles. The Lion Brand podcast has such a relaxed set up that I love listening to it every other week for inspiration and ideas.  Their blog is just as fantastic. They have wonderful show notes and links to patterns and yarn. I can’t wait to get to New York and visit the store. (Yes, I am a nerd who will visit the Big Apple for a yarn store. So what?).
There is also a Lion Brand app that is available for the iPhone so one, me, can never be without my patterns for when I get my rear in gear.

I can’t lie. Crochet Me has beautiful things but the patterns can be so intimidating! I tend to shy away from some of the patterns; but this adjustable ring is (going there) what’s up. When making things in the round I either start with a goofy hole or lose count and have ti start all over and have a goofy hole. This ring eliminates ALL of that! Don’t believe me? Give it a go. You’ll see!

Coats and Clark has some sweet projects. The site is a bit slow to load but it’s worth the wait. The afghans are doable with enough variety that even I don’t get bored. There are links to some of Brett Bara’s patterns and its FREE!

Last for today (cause after looking at all of these I want to make something!) isKnit and Crochet Now, Formerly Knit and Crochet Today. The television show is a half hour of ideas and examples of knit and crochet. Hosts Bret Barra, The Crochet Dude Drew Emborsky, Robyn Chachula, Maggie Pace and Myra Wood presents ideas in both knit and crochet and the show is fun to watch.

Oooh! I am now in the mood.
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