Belly Busters: Rose Romano’s Peppers

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In the television series MacGuyver, the secret agent, portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson, was known for his ability to solve complex problems with everyday materials he finds at hand. Dinner time at my house is often like a MacGuyver episode. I really, really, really wish I were one of those folks who is able to whip up a sumptuous and healthy meal in minutes but alas dinnertime finds me I am barely able get everything to the table while its warm as The Bee and I rush through whatever evening activities we need to complete before we head to bed.

So when I was sent Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers to review I thought they could be a great addition to the food we already eat. The package came with great ideas to add the marinara sauce as garnishment to foods, a perfect addition to my small repertoire of meals.

We started with one of our quick meals: pasta.
We used Rose Romano’s in lieu of the jar pasta sauce that we normally use. They peppers have a very sharp taste, flavorful and bold. Unlike our usual jar sauce the peppers are more savory and not quite as sweet.

We paired our pasta with a small piece of steak and the flavors were delicious.
My daughter did remark that the sauce was “too chunky” and eventually said the peppers were a bit bitter. She did eat and approved of the meal.

Next I tried the peppers with a solo piece of beef steak. 
I really enjoyed the peppers instead of my normal steak sauce. I liked the pairing of the two and felt like the tomatoes gave my steak an extra kick.
Finally I add a spoonful of  peppers to the dirty rice I made.
This would be my least favorite pairing. The rice already had bold flavors and the tomatoes seemed to play down those flavors. 

Before you buy, please know that when using these peppers a little bit will do wonders. I mention this because I wasted half a jar of peppers by not using them soon after I had opened them. As they are made with all natural ingredients, they will not last long in your fridge.

Also, as of now the peppers are available in one store, the Kimberton area Whole Foods which is in Phoenixville. The peppers can be found online and are delivered in the most attractive container with a wonderful welcome letter from the creator.

But, you don’t have to take my word for it!
Rose Romano’s can be found online. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter and drool at their pins on Pinterest.

Enjoy and be well, eating a yummy marinara sauce with your favorite dishes.

r’s note: I was sent Rose Romano’s Italian Peppers to try. All opinions are my own. 


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