#BEA12: A Quick Post about the Conference

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So, my first BEA and whew baby!
It’s the best of books, book related materials, authors and bloggers showcased in one place. I was so fortunate to be able to hang with Pam, The Unconventional Librarian and Kim, the brains and wonder behind my online book discussion group From Left to Write. (We had some very interesting discussions in the hotel and why don’t I have a picture of all of us together?)

I will attempt a proper post in a few but here nine things to hold you until then (in no particular order):

Not Simon Pegg but JENNY got Simon to
 hold twine, Jenny is holding my yarn
so ipso facto, it’s a connection

1. Meeting the Bloggess. I follow Jenny on Twitter and when she was after my Simon for a picture of him holding a ball of twine I was all a gaga. She is so funny, cusses and encouraging.

2. The books!
Oh dear Barbara…the books. I have heard mentioned that BEA was overwhelming, wonderful and amazing. It’s all of that and more.

3. The parties!
I was fortunate to attend a few as a “plus one” and let me tell ya…book people can party. Hard. Don’t let the stereotypes about nerds and such fool you. At the Random House breakfast someone mentioned that book people have to have strong livers. He wasn’t lying! I even had a few cocktails.

Eric Smith Rocks for real
Don’t tell Effin Guy!

4. I finally got to meet @ericsmithrocks in person and honey, let me tell you…he is hot. Hot. HOT! Like Damn! He’s fine, no FOINE and I swooned a bit. And, yes; there may have been some groping involved (not really but some thoughts about it).
r’s addendum: He’s awesome and smart but that’s a given. I’m totally being superficial.

5. Overheard: I forget the blogger who said this and I really wish I could credit her but the phrase “BEA Hot” which means that dude (or woman if that’s your thing) who you wouldn’t glance at on the street, is now the person that you would chase down and stalk at the convention. This does not apply to Eric. He is All the Time Hot. *fans self*

6. Conference Maladies

  • Conference Shoulder: What you get lugging around 50 (or more) pounds of books, bags, takeaways, etc
  • Convention Feet: The pain your feet experience after walking miles and miles to visit displays, see authors, back and forth to hotel rooms, etc.
  • Conference belly: sharing a room with people is hard. Eating on the go is hard. The two don’t mesh well when you need to, ah, use the facilities.
  • Convention Meltdowns: Experienced when people (me) have had enough of other convention folk. You know who I’m talking about…the people who stop in the middle of a crowded aisle to chat, adjust all of their crap, scratch their butt. In the way folks who are, well in the way. 

7. Other bloggers.
It was so trippy to meet up with other bloggers. Some of them have even read some of my stuff (dude!). The variety and talent that I met was so inspiring and there are so many new blogs to explore and read!
The Well Read Wife who was so lively and fun during her session.@4everYA who said she was going to go all “Swimfan” on John Green. There are so many others but I kinda misplaced the badge I had and all of the cards with them.

8. The authors.
Let the name drop begin (to the Tune of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire)
Ledisi, Rosemary Wells, Mo Willems and Jeff Kinney.
The Pinkneys, so dignified, and EB White who cool as ice.
Judge Lynn Toler, R L Stine, Kurt from “Glee” (boy he shined!)
Joy Bauer, Kevin Pollack, Michael and Megahn….there’s more to come!

Rosemary Wells

Mo’ Better Books

The Pinkneys

We were making silly, silly faces. Kevin won

Michael Ian Black and Megan McCain.
Michael is indeed a sexy bitch
Joy Bauer
R.L. Stine from afar (that line was like 100+ deep yo!)

9. Lack of Outlets.
So. The good folks at Javits want you to pay for power. I dig; I read City of Ember but dang! I would have a 100% battery at 9:00AM and by 11:27 be down to 55%. Forget trying to take a picture! Next year I’m totes getting a charger.

The Great White Whale of power
Found at Blog World

Being in New York was cool. The Bolt bus that we took up there was interesting (yes, I did get motion sick) but so worth it. The city was huge, bright, loud, extravagant, wonderful and just a thrill. The conference was all of those things and more and I’ve already got my sights set on June of 2013.

I can hardly wait!

Wondering what book to read first,

Some of my booty


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