Back to School Night

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Tonight was GSFS’s Back to School night.

As per the norm I was late (I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Procrastination and I exercised this right quite royally before I left work). While I was feeling a bit bad ’cause I do like giving the teachers a round of applause as they are all introduced, I really was OK with not hearing the Annual Giving spiel (BTW, do NOT call me) and the best part, nay the only part that I really want and need to see is the classroom teacher.

Bumblebee’s teacher is a bit different than what I expected. She seems so much sterner but she was nervous in front of the parents and not without cause.
They really interrogated her! As a recovering hoverer I was even like “Dude, Give her a break!”

I found out some interesting things…

third graders are shy and don’t like to share. This must only be an affliction at school. My 3rd graders that come in to work are all about telling me every detail of their day.

third graders still like art. The messier the better however a tutu’d ballerina made an appearance on a scrap of loose leaf paper.

third graders don’t mind having their desks rifled through. As we reach an increase in shoulder shrugs substituting in answering a question, I take my info when I can.

I also found out that my kid is doing well and it was OK to let go. She is surviving without mom all around.
She’s getting so big!


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