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Saturday, November 1st, I was fortunate to meet three authors!
Authors are my celebs; if I ran into say, Reggie Bush (!) I wouldn’t look the other way but I get a certain thrill and have a different level of respect for people who eloquently write the things that sound really good in my head but always comes out in a jumbo gumbo when I actually verbalize them
I was fortunate enough to meet Nikki Grimes, (who should do books on tape as her voice is sooo soothing), Wendy Mass, and Rosemary Wells! (As in Max and Ruby and Noisy Nora!!!) I found out authors are regular folks. Wendy was talking to Nikki (oh yes, we’re buddies ) about the writing process, making book deals, writers block and they were both snapping pictures for their blogs.

The conference was at West Chester and it was great. I got great book ideas as well as awesome feedback.

Don’t we look great?


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