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A few weeks ago I boldly declared that I was going to party like it was 1999 and do a total screen free week. My plans were to park the phone, iPad, television et al for a week and get to know a less technically connected life of Rachee. This morning I woke up and without even realizing it, started playing Candy Crush saga (I FINALLY got past level 100!) and knew that my plans to denounce all screen time were not to be. I won’t lie; I’ve got it bad and I’m kind of feeling like if being bad is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

So for the week I have decided to limit all of my screen time.

  • I will check my email four times a day as opposed to all day long.

I’ve allowed four times a day because I will need to check e-mail for work (library) once mid morning, once before I leave for the day, blog related and personal correspondence (once in the morning as I sip coffee and once in the evening when I get home.

  • I am only going to watch Game of Thrones and Scnadal this week.
Judge me if you must but Scandal is totally must see live TV. I am also going to tweet while it is on because I love the comments and such from my fellow Scandal fans. Game of Thrones cause, well have you ever watched it?! It’s freaking amazing! Khaleesi rocks and Jon Snow is one fine…shut yo mouth!
Picture credit: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/File:Jon_HBO.jpg
  • The smart phone and tablet will stay downstairs at night. 
This was a practice I was following and then one day I wanted to listen to music and ipso facto I was playing games and fooling around on Twitter until 2 in the morning (true story!). This led to another night of phones upstairs, and another until finally I was all I need an intervention.
  • I am going to spend an hour a day doing social media things for work.
We have an intern that I can delegate some of these things to so the library won’t suffer but there is the need for some of  the Facebook updates, blog posts (which I am woefully behind!) and prep work that I do use the internet for. 
This is a hard one for me. I always like to control the social media things but I have to allow that someone else will know what they are doing (under my guidance!)
  • I will spend an hour a day doing my posts. 
I will go old school and, gulp!, draft posts by hand. That way I can type them quickly (as quickly as one can hunt and peck!) and not dawdle online.
I am reading a book on my Nook but will only use my Nook for reading. I am going to leave my phone on silent or, idea!, turn it off while at work. The people who need me can call the landline. 
I plan to get reaquanited with music, hit the great outdoors (perhaps I will go for that walk I’ve been talking about and clean up all of those weeds that the April showers have gifted me.
Stay tuned for my not screen free week but my less screen time week.

or try to. 

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