#atozchallenge: K is for K.I.S.S.

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As in Keep It Simple Stupid!

I’ve been kind of stressing (surprise, surprise  about everything but this week it’s work. I keep feeling like each week I have to out do the week before, each program has to be better than before! That I have to compete and be the best and you know what?
It’s a drag.
Instead of being excited about the newest challenge I have been dreading what I am going to do next because I feel like the creativity is just not there. I have been worried about the next step and there is is reason to keep doing more and more.

Instead of stressing myself out I took the advice of one of my parents and let the kids create their own versions of stories. We added some foam animal heads, crayons and grass and voila! Library Art was formed.

For the longest time I thought that letting the kids color a simple picture was cheating. Shouldn’t all crafts be the mostest amazing thing ever!? And kids can color at home! At the library they should be exposed to all kinds of early literacy things…right? But they are! Coloring, creating and more are skills my littles need and it’s time to relax and K.I.S.S.

Great, no!

Tell me…what will you K.I.S.S. this week?


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