#atozchallenge: H is for Ham. A #vlogmom Production

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I’m linking up with the vlogmoms again and this week it’s all about Broadway Baby!

Erin Lane who writes the blog A Parenting Production wants to know:

What is your favorite Broadway musical? And if you don’t like musicals, why not?


Let’s chat a moment about WHO doesn’t like musicals…please tell me why! Cause I cannot understand how you cannot like random outbursts of song, a song that best explains that particular thing you are going through and the awesome jazz hands.


I love me some musicals and I hope you bear with my long (winded) and awesomely (bad) song stylings. In this video I share snippets from some of my favorites: Evita, Chicago, Les Mis, Cats. Guys and Dolls, and more.


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