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In my head I say that I need to be doing something to counter the shortness of breath that weighs me down, the tight waist band and my poor diet. In reality it’s me sitting on the couch digging into a bag of chips (they are just so dang good!) and talking about starting tomorrow. It’s starting to get cold in there here parts so I won’t even fake it and say that I am going to go outside for a wog. Nope. I am going to stay in the relatively warm confines of my house and watch TV.

But on Pinterest I turned to get motivation and found a score of pins. First I was feeling all bummed. Everyone seemed so shiny and tan and happy and fit in their pins but I persevered and found pins for exercise games for television and movies that I watch. Upon further searching I found two web site dedicated to exercise games.

First there is the Exercise games which seem to love television shoes that I don’t really watch. But then I found F*ck Yeah Movie Workouts which, despite the name, also features television shows! So, no more American Dad while prone, no more complaining when The Bee wants to watch “Good Luck Charlie” and no more passive Top Model viewings.

Here are my favorites below.

For when I don’t have a workout for a show:

When ABC Family decides to have yet another Potter Weekend:

Cause The Bee loves her some Glee



I like this show.

Also for when watching with The Bee:

And for a little thing I call weekends:

Here’s to The Boob Tube!


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  1. DJrelAt7 says:

    i like the harry potter board, that sounds like a good time 🙂

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