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…Thoughtful Tuesdays.

There are several websites that have a day full of alliteration (ie Movie Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, Five for Friday, Six for Sunday) dedicated to one topic or another and I decided to copy get in on the fun and try one of my own. The following thoughts are things that I don’t necessarily want to write a whole blog post about but wanted to share.

1. Getting out of my comfort zone is good.

Last night Leaky gave me tickets to a Phillies game and although I have emphatically expressed my dislike of the game, I had a blast! My friend Tom is a huge Phillies fan and went with. We missed the first three innings and despite the Phillies losing, I got caught up in the excitement. As we entered the park the sea of red almost made me want to jump on the bandwagon. While I may have though Shane Vittorino’s name was actually ‘Vic Torrino‘ and thought the crowd was booing Carlos Ruiz (Chooooooooo!) I eventually got caught up in the noise, excitement and good times to be had. We witnessed first hand the shenanigans of the Phillies Phanatic, a few Asian dances (because it’s some kind of Asian Culture month in Philly) and the dude who decided it was a good idea to run on the field during the game.

Tom trying to watch the game despite my

silly girly, I don’t watch baseball questions

“Don’t tase me bro!”

2. Being prepared takes a lot of pressure off.

Lately I have been not as uptight about lots of things and some of that has spilled into work. Where once all of my free time was always spent preparing for the next storytime, looking up books, collecting ideas and cutting out little itty bitty ears from cardstock for a craft, I have now found a different way to focus my time and therefore forced to actually manage my time better. I can’t allow my reign as Queen of Procrastination to continue if I want to keep up this social me. I also need to keep my livelihood (aka a paycheck) in tact and productivity will not go unnoticed for long. I have found that the word, “No” is OK to use and it is NOT cheating to get help.
3. THUD! That is the sound of me jumping on the Boondocks bandwagaon.
My brother in law has long tried to hip me to the Boondocks, but I couldn’t really get into it. It was too over the top and I just couldn’t allow myself another TV show (I have to limit my viewing schedule lest I will be a pasty faced zombie from sitting and staring at the TV!) and golly, does MacGruder love the ‘N’ word! But after all of the hype and hoopla not to mention my Twitter timeline being fill of Boondocks, I tuned in. I’m hooked.

4. I’m cold!
I have oft complained about being cold and yet, hate to do so at work as our air is temperamental at best. Today, however, I am COLD!!!! I have a sweatshirt on and will keep one on the back of my chair. It’s going to be a long summer.

That’s all folks.
Thanks for checking me out!
Thinking some good thinks,

*And by different I mean, I stole this, er borrowed from another blog!


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