A Day in the Life

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When people find out that I work in a library they mostly remark, “You are so lucky! I wish I had a job reading books all day!”


Me too!

I love what I do but there are days that I am wiped out when I get home. I intend to stick around for a while but there are days that I wish my job consisted of me sitting in a overstuffed chair, sipping a hot coffee and engrossed in a novel. For variety I would crochet with ‘The Girls’ (and a guy if one were so inclined). Nonetheless my day is no where near the serene, calm scene I painted above. My library is hopping from the time doors are unlocked (sometimes earlier) until we boot the last customer out (said customer proceeds to lean against the building with laptop to continue using wi-fi. Shudder!)

Tasks during my day include

  • Clean up the Children’s Room. This is includes picking up all of the coloring sheets that were scribbled and abandoned; rescuing the baby dolls from the stove and Lysoling everyone into a haze.
  • Helping people who have NEVER used a computer get an e-mail address and then fill out a job application. These people inevitably want to type and complete every
  • Referee fights between kids afterschool. These kids also think the stacks are perfect hide and seek bases.
  • Giving the Mommy Eye of death to the teen boys who think the trash can is an appropriate substitute for a basketball court. Same teen boys also think that the library is a lounge for them to eat, drink, cuss (not just curse) and deodorant is optional.
  • Helping someone find a book that was from the movie about the girl (true request)
  • Helping someone find the book that was in the corner last week. That corner right there! It had a girl on the front.

The job is not all bad. My co-workers are fun and the day never repeats.

Just feeling the effects of the rain.




I am mom, daughter, sister, yarn lover, word lover, crazy cat lady and library chick. Find me with book or with hook and a hot cuppa.

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