99 Ways to Find Your Park for @NatlParkService’s 99th Birthday

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Or I Got 99 Problems But NPS Ain’t One

On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act creating the National Park Service (NPS), a new federal bureau in the Department of the Interior responsible for protecting the 35 national parks and monuments then managed by the department and those yet to be established (now there are 408 national parks!).

To celebrate the upcoming centennial of NPS in 2016, the National Park Foundation (NPF) launched their Find Your Park campaign to encourage everyone to get up, get out there and #FindYourPark – no matter your interest.

The parks department has provided 99 ways you could celebrate NPS’ 99th birthday on August 25, 2015 and get ready for NPS’ big 100th birthday next year. Founders’ Day also marks fee free day to all national parks.



1                     Go climbing

2                     Write poetry

3                     Be an urban hiker

4                     Visit a National Heritage Area

5                     Dance

6                     Learn about climate change

7                     Discover a culture new to you

8                     Experience silence

9                     Walk through a doorway of a historic house

10                 Find inspiration in the story of a civil rights leader

11                 Go on a ranger-led tour #rangerspointingatthings

12                 Hug a tree

13                 Make a memory

14                 Earn a Jr. Ranger badge

15                 Relax on the banks of a scenic river

16                 Celebrate innovation

17                 Find life in a desert

18                 Get inspired by a First Lady

19                 Stand on a mountaintop

20                 Bring a kid to a park

21                 Paddle a water trail

22                 Take a photo that matches a historic one #retrogram

23                 Try something new

24                 Channel your inner Bill Nye—become a citizen scientist

25                 Walk a historic main street

26                 Find your park in Spanish #encuentratuparque

27                 Explore a cave

28                 Go green

29                 Brush up your national park trivia skills

30                 Scout a park, boys and girls!

31                 Make art in a park

32                 Celebrate Native American heritage

33                 Come sail away

34                 Take a picnic and dine al fresco

35                 Be bear aware

36                 Hit the road

37                 Enlighten yourself at a historic lighthouse

38                 Go biking

39                 Explore Asian American and Pacific Islander culture in America

40                 Feel the sand between your toes

41                 Share your story

42                 Learn about endangered species

43                 Join us

44                 Follow NPS on social media

45                 Follow the footsteps of a woman who made history

46                 Get in the know about H2O

47                 Bee pollinator friendly

48                 Get VIP status

49                 Catch a wave

50                 Immerse yourself in a living history program

51                 Hit record

52                 Get prehistoric

53                 Improve your health—get a park Rx

54                 Use your free active military pass

55                 Get reel—Visit a park featured in your favorite movie

56                 Join a trail clean-up

57                 See the sea

58                 Discover a traditional tribal cultural practice

59                 Let Elmo and Murray be your guides

60                 Mail a postcard

61                 Discover history around you

62                 Make new friends

63                 Raft down a river

64                 Pay your respects at a national cemetery

65                 Pick a POTUS

66                 Take a mini-cruise

67                 Plan ahead and prepare

68                 Walk nature’s treadmill

69                 Pose for a family photo in a park

70                 Recognize women who made history

71                 Reflect on our most difficult stories

72                 Stamp your park passport

73                 Ride on a historic carousel

74                 Run

75                 See history from a different perspective

76                 Renew your spirit

77                 See how NPS helps transform your community

78                 Go fish

79                 See the starry, starry night

80                 Make a splash

81                 Share a #tbt park photo

82                 Discover the beauty of our nation’s other public lands

83                 Sleep outside

84                 Spread the love—thank a park volunteer

85                 Plan the best field trip ever

86                 Visit our international sisters

87                 Trash Your Trash

88                 Find a monument and decode history

89                 Travel the Underground Railroad

90                 Use the buddy system!

91                 Visit for free on our 99th birthday

92                 Wander an American battlefield

93                 Watch wildlife

94                 Take a deep breath

95                 Go wild: Experience wilderness

96                 Use a national park lesson plan

97                 Play

98                 Take a sunrise selfie

99                 Get ready to celebrate with us in 2016!


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