6 Tips To Enjoy an Outdoor Movie Screening

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Philadelphia has announced scores of outdoor activities, one of which are outdoor screenings of movies. I’m always making grand plans to participate in these screenings but something (usually laziness) comes up and l beg off. 

I love the idea of an outdoor movie. It reminds me of going to drive in movies. We would all wear out pajamas and go to the movies. My mom would let us buy popcorn and we would sit in the car, or sometimes on the hood, and check out a flick. 

My library has gotten in on the action and we have partnered with the Lansdowne Parks and Recreation Board to host three movie nights during the summer. This past Friday we showed Disney’s Big Hero 6 and I made a point to go. It’s been hella hot and instead of sweating at home I figured the coolness of the creek would be a great alternative to sitting outside. 

The Bee declined to go so I headed out solo to catch the movie. While I thought I was prepared, because I had a cool drink and the foresight to bring a blanket, I know there are a few other supplies I need to make movie night enjoyable. 

1. Bug Spray

This may be “duh” to you all but the I really thought that I would be fine without an application. 


There weren’t swarms of bugs but there was enough to make me look like a pinwheel as the movie played. 

2. A Chair

I have this great chair I picked up years ago that I keep in the car. A blanket is nice but a chair helped keep me off of the ground and allowed me to better be able to see the movie. 

3. A flashlight.

I have one on my phone but a little pin light would have done too. This was helpful for the people next to me who’s kids kept dropping stuff.

4. Easy to eat snacks (if you are a snacker)

Who wants to be fussing about trying to get chocolate off of your hands, fooling around with sticky caramel or even messy fruit. I live cherries but the pits are, well the pits. It’s hard to be fancy while spitting out a little seed into your hand. 

If you’re not a snacker, bring lots of cool drinks.

5. Go to the bathroom before you get comfy. 

This is more of a Rachee icky thing. Ports potties are just gross.

6. Glow sticks.

The Bee suggested this and I agree. A few kids had glow sticks and they had a ball running around with them. 

I’m no kid but like the idea of having a glowing green headband. 

Lansdowne’s next movie night is July 10 and we are showing The Princess Bride  (As You Wish…). Get there early to get a good seat and enjoy a fun and free night. 

A list of outdoor movies being shown in Philadelphia can be found on the Uwishunu site. Check it out. This summer I’m getting out and doing more a perhaps I’ll see you there. 



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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Bringing glow sticks is a fun idea. My kids love those.

  2. Nicole Lutzy says:

    That would be fun to see a movie outside. The only outside movies we do are the drive in and many of your tips definitely apply!

  3. Love this list!! We used to frequent the Delsea Drive In pre-Abby days. Don’t forget for moms with littles a little something to keep the occupied premovie.

  4. maggiesblog2 says:

    I love the idea of outdoor movies too! We do them at the library where I work during the summer for kids out of school! It’s so much fun!

  5. Great tips! Bug sprays are important for any outdoor activities.

  6. Elizabeth O. says:

    Outdoor movies sound fun. These are wonderful tips.

  7. Liz Mays says:

    I think I’d be inclined to do them as long as it wasn’t too humid outside or there were too many mosquitoes. Those make me nuts!

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